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Roger Douglas Groot
B.A., J.D.
Class of 1975 Alumni Professor of Law
B.A. 1962, Vanderbilt University, magna cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa; J.D. with high honors, 1971, University of North Carolina; Order of the Coif; Managing Editor, North Carolina Law Review; admitted to practice in North Carolina, 1971, and Virginia, 1983; Assistant Professor of Law, University of Georgia, 1971-1973; Visiting Professor, University of North Carolina, Summer 1974; Visiting Professor, University of Virginia, Spring 1979; Visiting Professor, University of Kentucky, Summer 1980; Assistant Professor of Law, 1973-74; Associate Professor of Law, 1974-77; Professor of Law, 1977-90; Class of 1975 Alumni Professor, Washington and Lee University, 1990-. Member of Virginia Model Jury Instruction Committee, 1992-2002;Chair, Criminal Law Section, Virginia Bar Association, 1999-2001; Co-chair, Capital Defense Workshop, 1997-; Board of Governors, Virginia Bar Association, 2002-.


Phone  (540) 458-8518


Criminal Law; Criminal Procedure.


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