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Henok Gabisa

Office: 452B Lewis Hall
Phone: 540-458-8329
Fax: 540-458-8488

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Henok Gabisa

Visiting Academic Fellow

LL.B/JD (Academic Distinction) Mekelle University School of Law; LL.M (magna cum laude) St. Thomas University School of Law; J.S.D (magna cum laude) St. Thomas University School of Law


Law Reviews And Journal Articles:

  • Justice System Reform Program in Ethiopia: Is Rule of Law Lost in Translation?, African Journal of Int’l & Comparative Law Vol. 23 Issue 2 (University of Edinburg Press, June 2015)
  • Historical Injustice in Ethiopia: International and Comparative Analysis of Law of Denial, International Bar Association Vol. 2, No. 1(IBA, March 2015)
  • The Fate of International Human Rights Norms in the Realm of Bilateral Investment Treaties (BITs): Has Humanity Become a Collateral Damage?, Journal of the Int’l Lawyer Vol. 48 No. 2 (ABA and SMU Law School Publication, 2014)

Books and Chapters: (In Progress)

  • Justice System Reform Program In Post-Conflict Africa/Ethiopia (forthcoming 2016/2017)
  • Historical Injustice In Ethiopia: Legal And Political Remedies (forthcoming)
  • Chapter:Projecting Ethiopian Developmental State Ideology: A Tyrannized Politics And Politicized Justice (forthcoming Summer 2016)

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