My version of Word is too old! I don't have time to download the new one! What can I do?!
If you have an Internet connection, use the Stable. It has Word 2010.
I've emailed lawtech@wlu.edu for help but have no response! What are my options?
If your laptop is broken, check out a loaner from the circ desk. If it is after hours, use a public computer.Make sure you have left your contact info (email and phone) in the email to lawtech.
I don't have an internet connection where I am working today. Am I stuck?
If you loaded copies of your original documents when you did have the internet, there is some work you can do. Save the original under the new filename and start editing. You will need likely need an internet connection to distribute the file or do most of your work.
I don't see the Review Tab in Word on Office for Mac. What's up?
Likely you need to upgrade your version of Office for Mac.
My laptop is broken! What do I do?
Check one out at the circ desk or use a public PC.