What's the difference between the Outlook Client and Outlook.com?

The Outlook Client is part of the Office Software package. Faculty will need to use the Client in order for the inbox rules to sort their students' email work submissions.

Outlook.com is a Microsoft-hosted email solution that has some limited connectivity to our IT managers (for things like password resets and syncs). Unlike the Outlook Client, Outlook.com is a browser application. We recommende Safari or IE.

When I print out the document, I can tell there is no metadata there because the printout is "clean," correct?
Not necessarily. One challenge with document metadata is that it can be hidden for printing purposes. However, if the metadata is not removed, you will give it away when you distribute the file to others.
Give me a break! Do lawyers in firms really have to "scrub" metadata?
Someone needs to ensure that confidential client data does not become accidentally disclosed. The "scrubbing" method is widely utilized, among other methods.
Why do students need to use Outlook.com? My student email is forwarded to another email provider. Can't I just keep it that way?
We recommend that for simplicity, you work directly through Outlook.com during the Immersion Program. Other solutions would be an independent experiment for you.
I don't see the Review Tab in Word on Office for Mac. What's up?
Likely you need to upgrade your version of Office for Mac.
When I go to make comments, there are strange initials or name(s) in the comment. Should I be worried?
You may need to personalize your copy of Office.
I don't have an internet connection where I am working today. Am I stuck?
If you loaded copies of your original documents when you did have the internet, there is some work you can do. Save the original under the new filename and start editing. You will need likely need an internet connection to distribute the file or do most of your work.