1] Start Word and open the document you want to scrub. Click the "File" tab in the left corner, then click "Save As" from the drop-down menu.

2] Type a "New Name" in the File Name field to save and segregate a copy of the original document. Some documents need to use hidden data, according to Microsoft, so make a copy of the document to work with. In the copy of the document, click on the "File" tab, then "Info."

3] Click the "Prepare for Sharing" tab, then click "Check for Issues." Click "Inspect Document" to bring up the Document Inspector dialog box. There are six inspection categories; inspect the document for hidden information such as comments and revision changes, headers and footers, document server properties and custom XML. Also search for and remove personal information such as the author's name and company data. Check the categories you want inspected. If there are areas you do not want inspected, clear the check box.

4] Click the "Inspect" button to re-inspect the document. The Document Inspector checks the document and the results are shown. A blue check mark in front of a category indicates the document was inspected, but no hidden data of that type exist. Red exclamation point indicates that hidden data exist in a particular category. To remove any hidden data, click the "Remove All" button to the right of the category title. The computer scrubs the data. Re-inspect the document until you determine that all hidden data is clear then close the box.

5] Save the scrubbed copy of the document.