W&L Law Joins New National Initiative “Educating Tomorrow’s Lawyers”

Lexington, VA • Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Institute for the Advancement of the American Legal System (IAALS) at the University of Denver has launched a national initiative to guide changes in the way law schools educate students, called Educating Tomorrow's Lawyers (ETL).

To do this, IAALS has partnered with a consortium of law schools that are committed to innovation in legal education–including W&L. Other consortium members include the law schools at Cornell, Denver, Maryland, Indiana, Stanford, USC and Vanderbilt.

Through its website, ETL will enable law schools in the United States to showcase and generate discussion on innovative teaching methods and curricula designed to produce more practice-ready lawyers.

W&L launched its legal reform effort in 2008, focusing primarily on changes to the third-year curriculum. The new curriculum, which goes into full effect this academic year, is entirely experiential. The course of study consists of practice-based simulations, real-client experiences, and advanced explorations into legal ethics and professionalism.  More information about W&L's legal education reform is available online at law.wlu.edu/thirdyear.

William M. Sullivan,  the director of Educating Tomorrow's Lawyers,  is the lead author of the influential 2007 report from the Carnegie Foundation, Educating Lawyers.

"Our goal is to encourage law schools that are already committed to innovation to share what they know in a structured, collaborative place so that other law professors may discuss and develop new teaching techniques," Sullivan says.

The new ETL website is published here: http://educatingtomorrowslawyers.du.edu

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