Third Year Student Named Dean of W&L Law

Lexington, VA • Friday, April 01, 2011

Dean Sabina Thaler '11L
Washington and Lee University announced today that third year law student Sabina Thaler has been named Dean of the University's law school. Thaler, who currently serves as editor–in- chief of the School's Journal of Civil Rights and Social Justice, will begin her one-day appointment on April 1.

Thaler's unexpected rise from the student ranks to the helm of the School came as a result of her outbidding her fellow students during the School's annual charity auction, organized by Phi Alpha Delta (PAD). In addition to the honor of becoming "Dean for a Day," students bid on dinners with professors, golf outings, and a fly fishing trip.

At the auction, students raised over $12,000 dollars for several organizations, including Rockbridge Area Hospice and Fine Arts in Rockbridge. The last six auctions together have raised over $70,000 for local charities and other initiatives.

For her winning bid, Thaler was promised a parking spot in the faculty lot, use of the Dean's conference room, a power lunch with the University Provost, and the privilege of issuing one edict. Like all edicts emanating from the Dean's office, this one is expected to have little impact.

"Despite the enormous power being transferred to Dean Thaler, it will be difficult for her to appreciate in a single day the many joys of being a law school dean," said Mark Grunewald, Interim Dean of the School of Law.  "But we also expect she'll get some important work done."  

Grunewald noted that one of the tasks falling to Thaler during her one-day term is creating the class schedule for next year. 

"We've been taking way too much time with that in the past," he said. "Having an energetic and talented person like Dean Thaler on the task should mean that she'll get this knocked out in a couple hours in the morning, leaving her plenty of time for the usual leisurely decanal lunch and afternoon round of golf."

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