School of Law Welcomes Class of 2013

Lexington, VA Tuesday, August 31, 2010

After the most competitive admissions cycle in its history, Washington and Lee University has enrolled 145 new students in the School of Law. The Class of 2013 includes 144 J.D. students and one LL.M. student from Moscow, who enters the School's Masters of U.S. Laws program under the auspices of the Russia-United States Legal Education Fellowship.

The School received a record 4582 applications for admission into the entering class. This capped a two-year trend that saw applications to W&L increase by nearly 70 percent, far outpacing the national average.

"Amongst the schools that are also experiencing significant increases in applications, W&L Law offers a truly unique package," says Brett Twitty, director of admissions for the School of Law. "Students routinely cite quality of life, our personal approach to legal education, and our innovative programs as important factors that shape their decision to apply to W&L Law."

According to a survey of entering students, the economic downturn continues to affect students' decisions to pursue graduate education with 80 percent of respondents indicating that the weak economy was a factor in their decision to pursue law school.

The median LSAT score for the entering class is 166, a score representing the 93rd percentile of all LSAT test-takers. Thirty-one members earned LSAT scores of 168 or higher, placing them in the top four percent of all test-takers. Seventy percent of the entering class scored in the top ten percent of LSAT test-takers nationwide. The median undergraduate grade point average for the class is 3.43.

The first-year students hail from 27 states and earned undergraduate degrees from 95 different institutions. Political science remains one of the most popular undergraduate majors (27), with history (12), English (12), economics (9), and psychology (8) also well-represented. Balancing out the liberal arts, there are three criminal justice majors, six hard science majors, and six who created their own majors. There are also a number of collegiate athletes in the class, representing sports in Divisions I, I-AA, III, and the NAIA.

The median age of class members is 23, with students ranging in age from 20 to 54. The class includes 53 women and 91 men. Thirty-five members of the class (24 percent) have identified themselves as being members of a minority group. 

Students in the Class of 2013 speak 15 languages, including 16 Spanish-speakers, 10 French-speakers, and speakers of Urdu, Hindi, Arabic, Bulgarian, and both Cantonese and Mandarin Chinese. A well traveled class, one student trekked through the backcountry of seven national parks and another traveled through 50 countries on five continents. The class also includes eight Eagle Scouts.

Over 60 percent of the incoming class went to work before deciding to attend law school. The class includes business owners, journalists, coaches and numerous students who worked in politics. In addition, included in the ranks are a Marine, a hand model, a casino dealer, and an Apple genius.

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