Helicopter Moms, Heading for a Crash

Lexington, VA Sunday, July 04, 2010

Research by Washington and Lee law professor Robin Fretwell Wilson was cited in a July 4 Washington Post article linking professionals' helicopter parenting to failed marriages and friendships. In the article, Middlebury College sociology professor Margaret Nelson says that professionals are more involved parents, the type who might watch and discuss TV programs with their children.

While one study has suggested that college freshmen with helicopter parents are more likely to be more dependent and neurotic and less open, Nelson says that after conducting her own interviews with nearly 100 parents, she is more worried about the mothers. She notes that the amount of time mothers spend on child care is rising, especially so for highly educated mothers. The result, she says, is that "personal relationships seem to be the first thing to go."

In reaching her conclusion, Nelson cites a study by W&L's Wilson that found women with law or medical degrees are more likely to divorce or separate than their male counterparts.

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