Associate Dean of Administration and Technology to Present at CALI

John Keyser, Associate Dean of Administration and Technology will present at CALI, the Computer Assisted Legal Instruction Conference, in Seattle on June 19th. Keyser will present his paper with Gary Banks, Assistant Dean for Technology at the University of Virginia.

Keyser's presentation, "Exploring the “it” in IT" will focus on how as technology has become more pervasive in academia, IT personnel have been asked to do almost everything at one time or another. In addition to traditional IT roles, IT is often asked to assist with project management, facilities management, communications, HR and a host of other tasks. As support needs have escalated, often without a corresponding increasing in staff or budget, the strain on dedicated and talented IT staff has increased. Many individuals and departments have been forced to re-evaluate their institutional roles. This talk will explore the role of IT and IT administration in our institutions. Keyser and Banks will attempt to explore the "it" IT should be doing and what we should expect and demand from our constituents and administrations. Email This Page