Law Professor to Foster Programs Focused on Global Environmental Policy, Economics and Law

During July, University President Thomas Burish will be accompanied by Law Professor Mark Drumbl and Undergraduate Professor Jim Kahn during a two-week visit to the Universidade Federal do Amazonas and the Universidade Estadual do Norte Fluminense to develop Washington and Lee's exchange programs. These programs are to focus on global environmental policy, economics, and law. During the summer of 2003 Drumbl and Kahn
co-facilititated a course entitled Global Environmental Governance at the Universidade Federal do Amazona, which focused on the legal and economic regimes responsive to problems such as climate change and biodiversity.

Drumbl, the Ethan Allen Faculty Fellow, has taught at Washington and Lee since 2002. His main course focuses are International Law, International Organizations, Mass Violence and Human Rights, Global Environmental Governance, and Contracts.
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