Virginia Capital Case Clearing House CLE Symposium

The Virginia Capital Case Clearing House Continuing Legal Education Symposium will be held on April 2, 2004. This year's program focuses on emerging issues in capital defense cases.

Presentations include: Physiological and Psychological Effects of Stun Devices by Dr. Raphael C. Lee, Professor of Medicine at University of Chicago; Anti-Social Personality Disorder (ASPD) and Its Effects on Capital Defense Litigation by Lisa Greenman, Esquire; Frontal Lobe Tumors and Their Effect on Behavior by Dr. Russell H. Swerdlow, Associate Professor of Neurology, University of Virginia; Ethics in Capital Defense Litigation by Joseph N. Bowman, Esquire; and Issues & Developments in Capital Litigation by Roger D. Groot, Director of Virginia Capital Case Clearinghouse and Professor of Law, Washington and Lee University.

Individuals wishing to participate may find additional information on the Virginia Capital Case Clearinghouse website. Email This Page