2004 Mock Convention Taps Kerry as Democratic Nominee

Every four years, the students of Washington and Lee University hold a Mock Convention for the party out of the White House. The purpose of this event is to correctly predict the nominee for this political party.

On Saturday, student delegates representing all 50 states cast their votes and tapped Senator John Kerry as the Democratic Nominee for the 2004 Presidential race with Senator John Edwards receiving the Vice Presidential Bid.

Billed as the nation’s most accurate mock convention since its inception in 1908, Washington and Lee’s convention cannot claim to be the oldest such exercise; Oberlin College has one that dates back to pre-Civil War days. Nevertheless, for consistent accuracy—and eye-filling opulence—the Mock Convention simply has no peer. With 17 correct predictions in 22 attempts, the convention has been described by Time as the “biggest and boomingest” of all amateur gatherings. Newsweek, not to be outdone, promptly dubbed it, “the most realistic” student conclave. It has been applauded on the floor of the U.S. Senate as an “outstanding practical experiment in politics.”

Only time will tell is Washington and Lee University can add another feather to its cap by having correctly predicted the 2004 nominee, until then we will all be waiting and closely watching.
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