Law Professor Discusses Virtual Playgrounds Symposium in Second Life

Lexington, VA Monday, October 06, 2008

Prof. Faifield "On the Spot" for the Metanomics Lecture Series.

Joshua Fairfield, associate professor of law at Washington and Lee School of Law, appeared on the Second Life lecture series Metanomics to discuss a recent symposium on virtual worlds held at the Law School. "Protecting Virtual Playgrounds: Children, Law and Play Online" addressed the emergence of virtual worlds built specifically for children and the opportunities and challenges those environments pose for society and the law. More about the symposium.

Watch the Presentation on the Second Life TV network.

The Metanomics Series is sponsored by Cornell University's Johnson School of Management. "Metanomics" refers to the study of the business and policy aspects of the "metaverse" of virtual worlds. This includes the study of how real-world businesses can use virtual worlds as part of their strategy, and how real-world law and regulation might apply to virtual-world activities.

Second Life is the most popular of several online virtual worlds. Second Life users, known as residents, interact with other users via online chat and physical representations of themselves, called avatars. Though sometimes referred to as a game, Second Life has its own economy and a currency. Residents can create new goods and services to buy and sell, and there are even currency exchanges where residents can exchange U.S. dollars or other real world currencies for Second Life dollars.

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