Dean Smolla Analyzes Legal Issues Surrounding User-generated Web Content

Lexington, VA Monday, May 12, 2008

In a new West podcast and white paper, Dean Rodney A. Smolla analyzes legal issues surrounding user-generated web content. Smolla says the case is critical to the future of YouTube and other video-sharing sites.

The white paper is titled "The Billion-Dollar Battle Between Viacom and Google: Commercialization of User-Generated Content and Copyright Protections Afforded to Parody."

"This is the mother of all copyright suits and the implications are staggering," Smolla says. "Both sides have some very strong legal arguments, there are billions of dollars at stake and I'd be a fool to guess who's going to win."

In the paper, Smolla looks discusses liable and copyright issues surrounding the Apple Computer Big Brother ad/Hillary Clinton mashup that appeared on YouTube in March of 2007.

Visit the West website to download the white paper or listen to the podcast.

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