School of Law Welcomes New Faculty for 2008-09 Academic Year

Lexington, VA Monday, April 07, 2008

New Faculty

Johanna Bond

Joshua Fairfield

Susan Franck

Russell Miller

Hari Osofsky

Sean Seymore

Benjamin Spencer

Timothy MacDonnell

Washington and Lee University School of Law will welcome eight new teachers to the permanent faculty for the upcoming academic year. The incoming faculty members include experts in domestic and international law, as well as distinguished interdisciplinary scholars.

Several of the new faculty members have served as visiting professors at W&L this year, including Professor Benjamin Spencer, one of the nation's rising stars in the field of civil procedure and federal jurisdiction. Professor Spencer recently was appointed to the West Publishing Company Law School Advisory Board and last year was awarded the Virginia State Council of Higher Education "Rising Star" award, given to the most promising junior faculty member among all academic fields at all colleges and universities in Virginia.

Professor Joshua Fairfield, another current visitor, will also join the permanent faculty. Professor Fairfield is an expert in e-Commerce, video game regulation, and virtual worlds and has written extensively on how private-law contracts have become the new public law of virtual worlds.

Also new to the faculty will be Professor Sean Seymore, who in addition to his J.D. holds a Ph.D. in Chemistry. Professor Seymore has strong hands-on experience as a patent lawyer and also will teach a new course exploring how the intersection of law and science is critical to the formation of public policy.

A stellar group of international law scholars also joins the faculty, including current visitor Professor Russell Miller and Professors Johanna Bond, Susan Franck, Hari Osofsky, and Timothy MacDonnell.

A former criminal defense lawyer, Professor Russell Miller is an expert in comparative law and international legal theory. Professor Miller also co-founded the German Law Journal, the successful, online journal of transnational law, which receives over 1.5 million visits each year. Professor Miller's edited book Progress in International Law will be honored with a panel discussion during the 2008 American Society of International Law Conference.

Professor Johanna Bond teaches and researches in the areas of international human rights law and gender and international law. In 2001, Professor Bond was selected as a Senior Fulbright Scholar and traveled to Uganda and Tanzania to conduct research that later resulted in her edited book, Voices of African Women: Women's Rights in Ghana, Uganda, and Tanzania.

Professor Susan Franck's teaching and scholarship relates to the resolution of international disputes, including issues related to alternative dispute resolution and claims made under investment treaties. This year Professor Franck received the "New Voices" award from the American Society of International Law.

Professor Hari Osofsky, who in addition to holding a J.D. is nearing completion of a Ph.D. in Geography, is a pioneer in the field of legal issues regarding global climate change and one of the emerging scholarly voices addressing this important issue at the intersection of law, politics, and science. In addition to her work with climate change, Prof Osofsky's scholarship focuses on the ways in which geographic perspectives may contribute to legal approaches to cross-cutting problems such as the War on Terror.

Finally, Professor Timothy MacDonnell will take the helm in the Black Lung Clinic. Professor MacDonnell's career as a lawyer has been entirely in various roles with the United States Army, most recently serving as Regime Crimes Liaison Officer to the Department of State, acting as an attorney/advisor to the Iraqi High Tribunal in Baghdad, Iraq. In addition to directing the Black Lung Clinic, Professor MacDonnell will work with other transnational law faculty to establish the Rule of Law in Iraq practicum, which will involve students in public defender work in the Iraqi national courts.

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