W&L Law Professor David Bruck Offers Testimony on Federal Death Penalty before Senate Judiciary Subcommittee

Lexington, VA Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Washington and Lee School of Law Professor David Bruck testified before a Senate Judiciary subcommittee on Wednesday, June 27. The Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights and Property Rights will held a hearing discussing oversight of the federal death penalty.

Professor Bruck appeared before this subcommittee previously in 2001, the last time it took up the issue of oversight of the federal death penalty. Also appearing before the subcommittee was one of the U.S. attorneys fired recently in what has become a highly scrutinized action by the Justice Department.

To view Professor Bruck's prepared statement or the committee website, visit the links below.

Professor Bruck is director of the Virginia Capital Case Clearinghouse at the School of Law. He has practiced criminal law since 1976, and since 1980 has specialized in the defense of capital cases at the trial, appellate and post-conviction stages.

The Virginia Capital Case Clearinghouse is a trial-level legal aid clinic providing free services to defense attorneys who represent capital murder defendants in cases throughout Virginia. Ten Washington and Lee law students are accepted into the Clinic each year and remain in the Clinic for the entire third year of law school. Each case is assigned to a team of two students who maintain primary responsibility for handling matters relating to the case.

To learn more about David Bruck and VCCC, visit the VCCC web site at http://www.vc3.org.

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