President Announces Law Dean Search Committee

Lexington, VA Thursday, July 13, 2006

Washington and Lee University President Ken Ruscio has announced the membership of the committee that will participate in the search to replace Law Dean David Partlett, who departed the School of Law to head the law school at Emory University. Professor Brian Murchison is serving as interim dean during the search.

Following recent tradition established by former Presidents Elrod and Wilson that has resulted in a spirit of collaboration between the president and the School of Law, Ruscio himself will chair the search committee, with John Keyser, Associate Dean of Administration and Technology, serving as vice-chair and managing committee logistics.

"This is an opportunity to think carefully, ambitiously, and imaginatively about the future of the School, its place in the legal education community, and the potentially powerful connections between professional education and the liberal arts," said Ruscio.

The search committee will begin meeting in July and August to construct the timetable, write the position announcement, and develop strategies for promoting the position and recruiting candidates. The law school also has developed a web site to keep the university community informed on the search process. This site will be available soon.

The full search committee includes:

Ken Ruscio

Law Faculty
Bob Danforth
Mark Drumbl
Margaret Howard
Lyman Johnson
Mary Natkin
Scott Sundby

Undergraduate Faculty
Lucas Morel

Law School Staff
John Keyser

Board of Trustees
Ray Hartwell, '69, '75L
Robert J. Grey, Jr., 76L

Law Council
Jessine Monaghan, '79L
Law Student Body
Juliette Syn, '08L

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