Law Review Editorial Board, Moot Court Executive Board Announce Selection of New Members

Lexington, VA ē Monday, March 27, 2006

The Editorial Board of the Washington and Lee Law Review is pleased to announce the selection of the Volume 64 Board:
Editor in Chief:  Donald Houser
Executive Editor:  Meredith Abernathy
Managing Editors:  Rory Gray, Diana Grimes, and Skylar Rosenbloom
Senior Articles Editors:  Charles Capito and Clint Carpenter
Lead Articles Editors:  Brandon Almond, Heather Curlee, Gregory Durkin, Kira Horstmeyer, Aaron Lockwood, Matthew McDermott, Bob Spake, and Houston Stokes
The Board is also pleased to announce the selection of the following Notes for publication:
Meredith Abernathy, Runniní On Empty:  Will Exxon Mobil Cause a Breakdown for Chevron and the Administrative State?

Brandon D. Almond, Lose the Illusion:  Why Advertisersí Use of Digital Product Placement Violates Actorsí Right of Publicity 

Amy K. Anderson, Individual Rights and Investor Protections in a Trade Regime:  NAFTA and CAFTA

Charles L. Capito, III, Inadequate Checks and Balances:  Critiquing the Imbalance of Power in Arms Export Regulation

Clint Carpenter, Stepmother, May I?:  False Advertising and Moral Rights, the Redheaded Stepchild of U.S. Copyright Law

Heather Curlee, Examining EPAct 2005:  A Prospective Look at the Changing Regulatory Approach of the FERC

Gregory E. Durkin, What Does Granholm v. Heald Mean for the Future of the Twenty-First Amendment, the Three-Tier System, and Efficient Alcohol Distribution?

Rory Thomas Gray, Academic Freedom on the Rack:  Stretching Academic Freedom Beyond Its Constitutional Limits in FAIR v. Rumsfeld

Diana Grimes, Practice What You Preach:  How Restorative Justice Could Solve the Judicial Problems in Clergy Sexual Abuse Cases

Kira Horstmeyer, Putting Your Eggs In Someone Else's Basket: Inserting Uniformity into the Uniform Parentage Act's Treatment of Assisted Reproduction

Donald Houser, Reconciling the Supreme Courtís Opinion in Ring v. Arizona with the Current Structure of the Federal Capital Trial:  The Case for Trifurcation

Aaron J. Lockwood, The Primary Jurisdiction Doctrine:  Competing Standards of Appellate Review

Matthew McDermott, The Better Course in the Post-Lapides Circuit Split:  Eschewing the Waiver-by-Removal Rule in State Sovereignty Jurisprudence

D. Skylar Rosenbloom, Take It Slow:  A Novel Concept in the Life of Sarbanes-Oxley

Robert Vanneman Spake, Jr., The Roof Is on Fire:  When, Absent an Agreement Otherwise, May a Landlordís Insurer Pursue a Subrogation Claim Against a Negligent Tenant?

Houston A. Stokes, Broadening Executive Power in the Wake of Avena:  An American Interpretation of Pacta Sunt Servanda

The Moot Court Executive Board is pleased to announce the 2006-2007 Moot Court Executive Board:
Chair: Christopher Price
Executive Officer: Lile Trice
National Competitions Administrator: Josh Humphries
John W. Davis Appellate Advocacy Administrators: Mini Kaur and Matthew Morrison
Mock Trial Administrators: Sarah Floyd and Diana Grimes
Mediation Administrator: Robert Rivers-Benaicha
Client Counseling Administrator: Adam Hull
Negotiations Administrators: Adam Hull and Robert Rivers-Benaicha

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