School of Law Welcomes the Class of 2008

Lexington, VA • Monday, August 22, 2005

Members of the class of 2008 participated in community service projects on August 16th as part of their orientation. Above, a student walks a dog for the SPCA.
On Monday, August 15, the Washington and Lee School of Law enrolled 136 students in the J.D. Class of 2008. This new entering class brings both extraordinary credentials and a wide variety of experiences to Washington and Lee.

The median LSAT score for the entering class is 166, a score representing the 95th percentile of all LSAT test-takers. Seventeen class members earned LSAT scores of 169 or higher, placing them in the 97th percentile. More than two-thirds of the entering class scored in the top ten percent of LSAT test-takers nationwide.

The median undergraduate grade point average for the class is 3.57, with 42 members of the class earning a GPA in excess of 3.75. Six students earned a perfect 4.0 as undergraduates.

The median age of class members is 23; students range in age from 21 to 40. The class is 41% female and 59% male. Twenty-eight members of the class (20%) have identified themselves as being members of a minority group: 10 are Asian/Pacific Islanders, 6 are Black, 3 are Hispanic, 3 are Native American and 6 identify themselves as multicultural. 

Road-side cleanup along Route 60.

The first-year students hail from 5 foreign countries, 32 states and the District of Columbia. Members of the class earned their undergraduate degrees at 94 different institutions.  Political Science remains one of the most popular undergraduate majors (21), with History (17), Economics (14), English (11) and Psychology (9) also well-represented. Balancing out the liberal artists, there are three accountants, a mechanical engineer, an architectural engineer, a chemist, an archeologist, two computer scientists and the holder of a degree in Management Information Systems. Members of the class have studied abroad in Spain, Italy, England, Ecuador and Japan; fifty-two students earned double majors.

Class members have been involved with a multitude of community service projects and activities, among them Habitat for Humanity, Relay for Life, the National Food Drive, the Special Olympics, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Americorps and the Make a Wish Foundation. They have worked at Get Out the Vote, volunteered on political campaigns, established a non-profit foundation benefiting at-risk teens, raised funds for the fight against cancer, provided music lessons, sports instruction and mock job interviews to underserved youth, organized a prevention campaign against impaired driving and volunteered at the Legal Aid Society.

Numerous members of the class show an affinity for the arts: they play instruments, sing in choirs, and are members of symphonies, marching bands, string quartets, and dance troupes. Several can be heard on commercial CDs. The class includes several radio hosts, a filmmaker, a television reporter, a number of collegiate journalists and editors and several published authors.

Landscaping at the Montessori Center.

Among the ranks of the Class of 2008 are a holder of a first degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, an Eagle Scout, a certified SCUBA instructor, the First Princess of the Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival, a certified Emergency Medical Technician, a National Merit Award-winning poet, a female member of a men’s water polo team, the Secretary General of the Model United Nations, a dancer who has graced the stage of the Kennedy Center and a student voted “most likely to make you smile.”  Members of the class were born in England, Singapore and Russia, speak French, Korean, Spanish, Japanese and Tamil, have trekked in Nepal and taught in Moscow, Guatemala, Korea and Ecuador.

As always, many students have worked for law firms and elected officials, for real estate concerns and in financial institutions. Others have had more unique occupations, among them posts as a blackjack dealer, a semi-pro football linebacker, a self-employed artist, an assistant manager of a dairy farm, a counterintelligence special agent and a sous chef.

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