W&L Law Review Names New Staff Writers

Lexington, VA • Friday, July 29, 2005

Lexington, VA • July 29, 2005 — Twenty-four students at Washington and Lee University's School of Law have been named staff writers for the Law Review, completing the staff for the upcoming year's edition, Volume 63. They join an editorial board comprised of 15 third-year students, including Editor in Chief R. Matthew Pearson and Executive Editor E. Kyle McNew.

The second-year students were chosen from a pool of about 79 candidates—almost two-thirds of the Class of 2007—following a rigorous competition and selection process.

W&L's selection process is unique among the nation's top law schools, in that no positions are awarded to students based solely on grades. Instead, the application process begins with a series of short meetings to familiarize applicants with the Law Review and with the journal's writing and citation styles. Candidates are then asked to participate in a writing competition requiring they write a 15-page paper outlining their solution to a complex problem. Guiding their answers is a packet of over 200 pages of cases, statutes and legal articles.

Submissions are graded by five members of the Law Review's editorial board. The authors of the top four submissions receive automatic invitations to join the Law Review. The remaining 20 staff writers are chosen by combining their writing scores and first-year grades.

The 24 new writers are: Meredith Abernathy, of Mississippi; Brandon Almond, of Virginia; Amy Anderson, of Maryland; Charles L. Capito III, of West Virginia; Clint Carpenter, of California; Heather L. Curlee, of Oregon; J.M. Davis, of Kentucky; Dawn M. Davison, of New Mexico; Nathan Deen, of Washington; Keith Dunlap, of Montana; Gregory Durkin, of Washington; Rory Gray, of Oregon; Diana Grimes, of Iowa; Kira Horstmeyer, of Indiana; Donald Houser, of Georgia; Christopher Johnson, of Tennessee; Aaron Lockwood, of Virginia; Matthew McDermott, of Louisiana; Erin L. Pearson, of Pennsylvania; Samuel Saglimbeni, of Connecticut; Dwight Shaper, of Texas; Robert Spake, Jr., of Missouri; Houston Stokes, of Illinois; and Wilson D. Sweitzer, of Georgia.

First published in 1939, the Washington and Lee Law Review presents articles contributed by leading scholars, judges and lawyers, as well as essays, book reviews and student notes. It is published quarterly by students of the W&L School of Law.

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