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False Confessions Supporting Materials

The following materials may all be found online at law.wlu.edu/falseconfessions.

  1. Program Outline
  2. Speaker Biographies/CV’s
    - Aaron, Jeffrey
    - Drizin, Steven
    - Garrett, Brandon
    - Nirider, Laura
    - Northup, Stephen
    - Rosenfield, Steven
    - Shapiro, Jonathan
    - Trainum, James
    - Zerkin, Gerald
  3. Innocence Project Fact Sheet concerning exonerations
  4. Chart of Exonerations in Virginia to Date
  5. “Clarifying Misinformation about the Reid Technique” (submitted by John Buckley, President of Reid)
  6. “The Problem of False Confessions in the Post-DNA World,” Drizin and Leo, North Carolina L. Rev (2005)
  7. Innocence Project Overview of Santana case
  8. Overview of Eric Wilson case
  9. Tape of Wilson confession
  10. Executive Summary Relating to The Petition For Clemency for Joseph J. Dick, Jr., Derek E. Tice and Daniel J. Williams,” prepared by Hogan & Hartson L.L.P., Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom L.L.P. and Holland & Knight L.L.P..
  11. Commonwealth of Virginia, Office of the Governor: Statement Of Governor Kaine on Pending Clemency Requests of Daniel Williams, Derek Tice, Joseph Dick and Eric Wilson
  12. Tice v. Johnson, 647 F.3d 87 (4th Cir. 2011) (codefendant of Eric Wilson) (upholding district court’s grant of habeas relief based on ineffectiveness of counsel for failing to seek suppression of Tice’s confession, noting that Supreme Court of Virginia’s contrary conclusion was an unreasonable application of federal law)
  13. Innocence Project Overview of Washington case
  14. Washington Interrogation – hand written
  15. Washington Interrogation – typed
  16. Washington Petition for Executive Pardon
  17. Earl Washington’s Ordeal, 29 Hofstra L. Rev. 1089 (2001), Eric Freedman, Professor of Law, Hofstra University Law School
  18. Overview of Robert Davis case
  19. Defendant’s Pre-Suppression Hearing Memorandum, Commonwealth v. Robert Davis, Circuit Court for Albemarle County, Virginia
  20. Video clips from Davis interrogation
  21. Trainum PowerPoint on Reid Technique
  22. Transcript of defendant’s interrogation, Circuit Court for Fairfax County
  23. Video clips from interrogation, Circuit Court for Fairfax County
  24. Trainum Excel Analysis of Fairfax interrogation
  25. Transcript of trial testimony of lead Fairfax County Detective
  26. Memorandum of Law Concerning Admissibility of James Trainum Testimony,Circuit Court for Fairfax County
  27. An Act to Compensate Walter Synder
  28. Summary of Writs of Actual Innocence in Virginia
  29. Writ of Actual Innocence (based on biological evidence) (Code of Virginia 19.2-327.2)
  30. Writ of Actual Innocence (based on non-biological evidence) (Code of Virginia 19.2-327.10)
  31. People v. Wise, 194 Misc. 2d 481 (N.Y. Supreme Court, 2002) (opinion vacating convictions of Raymond Santana and his co-defendants)