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    Office: Third Floor, Sydney Lewis Hall

    Why Recruit W&L Students?

    By recruiting at W&L Law, you will gain access to a network of exceptional law students and alumni with the education, experience and leadership skills to add value to your organization from day one.


    Curricular engagement is the expectation, not the exception at W&L Law. Learning in small classes and led by a teaching faculty consistently recognized for its instructional facility, students are active participants in their legal education. Consequently, our students are comfortable with the performance expectations inherent in successful legal practice, where lawyers are expected to be agile, dynamic thinkers.

    • Student-faculty ratio: 9.52:1
    • Small upper-level classes (average class size of 22)
    • Intensive first-year writing program taught by full-time, tenure-track faculty who regularly evaluate students’ work and discuss edits and improvements
    • Upper-level writing requirements require students to draft documents lawyers produce: from motions and memoranda to letters and contracts 

    Our most recent entering class, the Class of 2019, consists of 117 students and includes graduates from 88 different undergraduate institutions. Its members hail from 31 different states as well as the District of Columbia and five foreign countries.

    Detailed Profile of the Class of 2019

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