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Legal Writing Resources


Using the Bluebook

 The following are essential resources for improving your Bluebook citation skills

 Red Arrow Understanding and Mastering the Bluebook: A Guide for Students & Practitioners
    Linda J. Barris

    Copies available in the law library's reserve collection
 Red Arrow User's guide to the Bluebook by Alan L. Dworsky

    Copies available in the law library's open reserve collection

 Red Arrow Elon University School of Law Video Series    




 Understanding Proofreaders' Marks

The image below links to resources for understanding proofreaders' marks.  Become proficient in using and deciphering these marks. Click the image to see the full chart of marks from Merriam-Webster.com


Miriam Webster Proofreader marks


Library Resources 

The law library maintains a collection of resources designed to assist in the legal writing process.  A selection of these materials is below.  Ask a librarian for assistance in recommending additional resources, either electronic or in print.

  Cite Checker image Cite-Checker: Your Guide to Using the Bluebook
   By Deborah E. Bouchoux
   KF245. B68 2011
  Legal Writing Citation
  Nutshell Series
  By Larry L. Teply
  KF245. T47 2008 

Handbook for Legal Writers   Aspen Handbook for Legal Writers:
   A Practical Reference

   By Deborah E. Bouchoux
   KF250 .B68 2009

Scholarly Writing   Scholarly Writing: Ideas Examples and Execution
   By Jessical L. Clark & Kristen E. Murray
   KF250 .C528 2012

Lawyer's Essential  The Lawyer's Essential Guide to Writing
  By Marie Buckley
  KF250 .B83 2011 
 TypographyTypography for Lawyers
 By Matthew Butterick
 KF250 .B88 2010
 legal method and writing Legal Method and Writing
  By Charles R. Calleros
  KF250 .C34 2011
 Legal writing and analysis  Legal Writing and Analysis
  By Linda H. Edwards
  KF250 .E378 2011
 just writing Just Writing: Grammar, Punctuation,
  and Style for the Legal Writer
  By Anne Anquist & Laurel Currie Oates
  KF205 .E57 2009
 pleasing the court Pleasing the Court: Writing Ethical &
  Effective Briefs,  2nd Ed.
  By Judith D. Fischer
  KF250 .F53 2011
Elements of Legal Style   The Elements of Legal Style, 2nd ed.
  By Bryan A. Garner
  KF250 .G37 2002
plain english  Legal Writing in Plain English
  By Bryan A. Garner
  KF250 .G373 2001
 guide to style Guide to Legal Writing Style, 5th ed.
  By Terri LeClercq & Karin Mika
  KF250 .L3913 2011
legal writing  Legal Writing:  How to Write Legal Briefs,
  Memos, and Other Legal Documents in a
  Clear and Concise Style

  By Amanda Martinsek, Esq
  KF250 .M372 2009
shorter docs   Writing Shorter Legal Documents
  By Sandra J. Oster, Ph.D, JD
  KF250 .O848 2011
 survival guide The Legal Writing Survival Guide
  By Rachel H. Smith
  KF250 .S625 2012
legal writing nutshell  Legal Writing in a Nutshell
  By Lynn Bahrych
  KF250 .S68 2009 
legal writing ethical considerations  Legal Writing: Ethical and Professional

  By Melissa H. Weresh
  KF250 .W438 2009